Boxycharm Subscription Box November 2017 Unboxing

Boxycharm Subscription Box: November 2017 Unboxing!

Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box that costs $21 per month. They feature makeup, skin care, and hair care products, and their website states that they send 4 to 5 full-sized or luxury-sized beauty products in each box. The company guarantees the box value to be over $100.

Boxycharm is my all time favorite subscription box. If I had to get rid of all of my boxes but one (what a sad world THAT would be), I would keep Boxycharm without thinking twice.

For me, no other box delivers the fantastic value of Boxycharm. Every month I find myself wondering how they can send so many amazing and EXPENSIVE products, but only charge $21! It rocks my socks!

You can sign up here.


NOTE: This post may contain referral and/or affiliate links, so I make a commission from some of them. However, I promise I will NEVER recommend a product unless I have personally tried it or have done research and would purchase it myself. I will also remove anything from my blog that is unsatisfactory for any reason, so please contact me if you encounter a problem or issue with any product I recommend.




November November I’m ready for what you have to offer me! Let’s do this!



I just LOVE the moment I open my box, before I can see what’s included. Look how pretty! And it’s all mine!

Boxycharm selected the perfect theme for November. The weather is getting chilly and we’re all pulling out our boots, gloves, scarves, long socks, beanies and coats. Yep, it’s Sweater Weather.

There is always a nice little information card that describes what products you are getting and their retail value. Like so:



Let’s check out the items:

The first thing I notice (maybe cuz it’s giant, white, and on top of everything else) is the Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray, which I actually saw a spoiler for on My Subscription Addiction.



It’s so pretty! I’ve really been looking forward to getting this item. The value is great! The info card lists a retail price of $31, which more than covers the cost of the box, and it’s the first item!

The info card explains that this product is meant to be used as a spray to set your makeup for long-wear (all day, in fact). It mentions that this will impart instant, all-over illumination.

Ok, so I sprayed two pumps onto my hand. I don’t know if it was because I sprayed too close or too much, but it was instantly dripping down and off my hand. By rubbing it in, I was able to get a decent picture of what it might be supposed to look like.

I had to blend it A LOT, though. Here it is:



Broads and Boy-Broads, this is VERY reflective. I mean, it makes it look like I covered my hand with aluminum foil. Whoa!

This result has me wondering about using this as an all-over spray. I’m a little afraid that if I spray it directly onto my face, it will just drip down and cause super reflective tear drops all over my makeup. If I spray it too far away, will it get all over me and my clothes and turn me into a ball of runny light?

I think the way I will try use this is to spray it onto my finger or a beauty blender first, and then rub it into strategic places (cheek bones, brow bones, Cupid’s bow, etc.) on my face to maximize dewiness but minimize me turning completely white when cars drive by me at night (you know, like reflective street signs do).

One thing I’m sure of, I’m not gonna do a whole face worth of makeup and then spray this on top, because I’m lazy and am afraid the result may ruin all my efforts. Did I mention I’m lazy?

What I really need to do is spray this on to my face after I’ve just washed , so I’ll be clean and makeup free. That way, I’ll get a good feel for what it will look like used as a setting spray. I’m still excited about this product, it’s just a little different than I anticipated.

I checked it out online, and the Illuminating Setting Spray retails for $31 on the Cover FX website, just as the info card stated.



Moving on, the next item that catches my eye is the Luxie Beauty Quad Eye Travel Set. I’m a big fan of Luxie, so this is exciting!



These are nice looking brushes. One thing you can’t tell from the picture is that they are quite a bit shorter than a typical makeup brush. Hence the travel aspect, I assume. This set includes brushes 207T, 213T, 221T, and 227T. According to the info card, these retail for $32.

I visited the Luxie website to compare pricing. Unfortunately, because this is a set created specifically for Boxycharm, it doesn’t sell on the website. I was unable to find a set that has all four of these same brushes. So I priced them out individually.

The 207, 213, and 221 brushes retail for $12 each. The 227 brush is not sold individually. I found similar brushes in a couple of their sets. Bummer, because this happens to be my favorite brush in this set, a blending brush, and I’d like to know the value.

For the sake of this blog post, let’s just say that, like the others, the 227 brush would cost $12. That would be $48 for all four brushes.

I haven’t decided if I’ll keep this set or add them to someone’s Christmas gift, but these are a great addition to the box this month. Good job Boxycharm!

Next I see the KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Masks.



I get a lot of masks in subscription boxes, which suits me fine, but I don’t get a lot of lip masks, so yay! When I realize Boxycharm threw in three of them, I’m stoked man. I can have a couple friends over and we can do lip masks together. Or I can slip these into the stockings of a couple of friends around Christmas time. Perfect!

Either way, I will definitely be using one of these lip masks for myself. Since moving to Flagstaff, I’ve had to carry chap stick everywhere because it’s so dry! My lips need some TLC. I’m excited to see the results!

According to the info card, these masks are $15, so they run about $5 each. This was confirmed when I checked out other sites. Nordstrom sells a set of five for $25, so pretty spot on.


After using the lip mask, a natural next item to turn to would be the Laqa & CO Cloud Lips. I’m unfamiliar with this brand. I love meeting new makeup and skincare brands, so nice to meet you Laqa & CO (shakes hand).



This lipstick is very pigmented, which I love. It has a matte finish, but it isn’t heavy. It’s made with avocado oil, so it feels nice and light on your lips (or hand).

I was pleasantly surprised by the shade I received, because I have so many nude lipsticks from subscription boxes. I realize the reason for this–a medium nude color seems to look good on all skin shades and types. But it’s nice to get a lipstick that makes a statement. Check it:



Isn’t that a fun pop of color? Very feminine. It’s a full-coverage lipstick, so it doesn’t take much to get a nice intense lip. This is definitely not a color I personally would wear during the day. However, it’s perfect for a date, or a girls night out. It just screams FUN to me! This will go into my night out lipstick rotation.

The info card says this item retails for $17. Sure enough, that’s exactly what I see it for on the manufacturer’s website. Not bad!


The final item in this months box was at the very bottom, and it’s GORGEOUS!! It’s the Winky Lux Kitten Pallet.



When I opened it up, I was super happy. These are great colors! I was even more excited after swatching the colors.



Very beautiful, and a nice mix of lights, neutrals, and jewel colors. I can’t wait to play around with it!

The info card explains that this palette retails for $25, which is exactly the price you will find it for on Winky Lux’s website.


**Side Rant** The other day I saw someone comment in a Boxycharm Facebook group that they were “so over” palettes. It almost broke my ears. I can promise I will never be “over” palettes, ESPECIALLY when they come in a subscription box! For one, when you get a palette in a subscription box, the palette alone is almost always worth more than the cost of the WHOLE BOX! Second, they are always beautiful and have a nice variety of shades and textures. And lastly, if I end up not really wanting the palette, they make excellent gifts for your family or friends. How can any of that be bad? I will always hope for a palette in my box! **Rant Over**




As usual, Boxycharm nailed it this month! They always give such a nice variety of items, and the value is consistently top-notch.

The total value of everything, according to the information card sent with the products is $120. I found all of these items online for $136. So, to buy these same items actually costs more than Boxycharm determined, because of the exclusive Luxie Eye Quad Travel Set.

Again, the cost of the box is $21/ month. Like I said, in my book, no other beauty subscription box even compares in value for the price!

I am not paid or affiliated with Boxycharm in any way. I buy a monthly subscription like everyone else. I just love them THAT much!

I highly recommend signing up! If you sign up using my referral link (here it is again), we BOTH get extra points, which can go toward free products!


Thanks Broads!

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