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iBbeautiful Subscription Box: January 2018 Unboxing

iBbeautiful Subscription Box: January 2018 Unboxing

iBbeautiful is a super cute subscription box for teen and tween girls. To get an idea of what kind of box this is, check out the company’s mission statement:

“iBbeautiful’s mission is to help young girls realize they are beautiful just as they are without comparisons to how others look or act.  We do this by offering a monthly box of inspiration that includes fun lifestyle items and a message of empowerment to help young girls be confident, smart, brave, unique and kind.  Every girl should be confident that she will become the woman she is meant to be and can achieve anything she sets her mind to.”

What’s not to love about that? I’ve been searching for the perfect sub for my step daughter P, and I finally found it in iBbeautiful!

Each iBbeautiful box is filled with 4-6 fun and girly makeup and accessory items. You can choose either the tween (age 8 to 12) or the teen (age 13 and up) box, and either the basic box ($24 per month) or a graphic tee box ($34 per month).

iBbeautiful also has bonus boxes available with special themes (ex: best friends) or for special occasions (ex: birthdays). Check them out here.

P is pretty mature for her age, so I get her the teen graphic tee box ($34 per month).

This is the second month we have received this box, but our first time reviewing. Let me tell you, after two months, P LOVES this box! I love it too, mainly because iBbeautiful focuses so much on sending girls positive messages about themselves. Check out the box to see of it might be the right fit for a girl you know! Don’t forget to grab your 10% off discount code at the end of this post!



This is iBbeautiful’s January Teen box:



Let’s dig in!

Every box includes a card like this explaining the company’s mission:

iBbeautiful always includes neat postcards and stickers with positive quotes and mantras. I like these because P can put them up in her locker, or frame them if she wants.

This is postcard size:

This one is more like a business card size:



Okay, so the first item P grabbed was this adorable purple mesh bag. It includes a sticker with another positive phrase on it, and this bracelet.

I really love this bracelet! Its so simple but super adorable! The key goes with one of the month’s themes, “Confidence is key.” I can’t find this exact bracelet online, but very similar ones are priced at about $10, so we’ll go with that.


Next up is LA Girls Colour Pop nail polish in the shade “Extra! Extra!”

This is a cute shade! I’m such a sucker for glitter and confetti! LA Girl carries this polish in a bunch of different colors, too. You can get it here for $4.


Okay, now we have this nice little addition to the box, Jean Pierre Cosmetics Moisturizing Lip Mask. It comes with five masks!

I love lip masks. We live in Arizona and it gets very dry here, so lip masks are great! P has never tried one, so she will have fun with it!

You can get a very similar set by Jean Pierre Cosmetics here for only $9.99.




Moving on, we have another super cute piece of jewelry, embracing the “Confidence is key” mantra.

I love how delicate this is! P isn’t a huge fan of gold, but she didn’t seem to mind too much with this. I love that it’s gold plated and made in the USA.

In fact, I’ll probably buy myself one, because it’s such a great everyday piece. Get it here for $9.89.


Next up is the Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain.

I forgot to check which shade this is before P took it home with her, but it looks to me like “Siren” or “Pinot Noir.” Very pretty! Get it here for $22.09.


Lastly, we have this month’s graphic t-shirt.

It’s a nice Olive green color, and brings the “Confidence is key” them full circle. P loved it!

While I can’t find this exact shirt online, similar ones are priced at around $15, so that’s what we’ll go with.




iBbeautiful got it right this month. Their selection of items is perfect for P’s taste. She really loves this box!

The total approximate value of this month’s box is $70.97. Not bad for a $34 box. That means the value is double the cost.

So far, there hasn’t been one item that P hasn’t liked. Of course, we are only two months in, but that’s a good sign!

Make a teen or tween in your life happy by signing up for this box here.

Also, iBbeautiful has created an EXCLUSIVE special discount code just for readers of The Bonafide Broad! Make sure to enter BONAFIDE10 in the appropriate box during checkout to receive 10% off your first monthly box!

NOTE: This discount code applies to subscriptions ONLY, not one-time or individual products.

Caio broads!




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What’s REALLY in My Purse?

Hello Broads! I’ve been perusing loads of different lifestyle blogs lately, sizing up my competition, seeing what others in my niche are up to, and getting idea for posts.

I’ve noticed a lot of lifestyle and fashion bloggers like to share what’s in their purse. How fun! I’m a naturally sort of nosy person, so a peek into another woman’s handbag seems like great fun to me.



Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. I kept seeing pictures of brand new purses, with beautiful items lined up neatly. Like this:



Or this:



Where’s the lint, the gum wrappers, and the pony tail holders? Where’s the real stuff? Many of these posts are incredibly staged. It’s almost as if some of these bloggers went and bought a new purse, and then filled it with brand new stuff, and are passing it off as their “everyday” bag.

It made me feel inadequate. For a minute. Until I realized, if I’m annoyed at how artificial many of these posts are, and if I’m feeling inadequate, there has to be a lot of other women feeling the same way. Why is it so hard to find a realistic “What’s in my purse?” blog post.

Eff it. I’ll do it myself. Would you like to know what’s ACTUALLY in my purse? Well, you’re going to find out right now.


First, here is my purse:



One thing you’ll notice is it’s white. I almost NEVER own anything white as a rule, because I’m just dirty. Everything I’ve ever had that started out white ends up the color of dirty dishwater.

Incidentally, this purse was given to me by a friend (Thanks Alek!). She brought it to a garage sale I was having right before I moved to Flagstaff. Honestly, the reason I kept it was because 1) I really needed a new purse and didn’t have money for one, and 2) there was a price tag on it for almost $250, so it made me feel wealthy. Those two points trumped my no white rule, and I promptly dumped everything out of my old dirty ripped blue purse that I had been using for two years, straight into the shiny white beautiful handbag.

As you can see, it’s not shiny anymore. It’s beginning to look less stellar than it did when I first began using it. It’s fading, and has at least one pen mark on it.




So now, on to the contents!

Instead of lining everything up and placing it strategically around the mouth of the purse to create a perfect shot, I just turned the damn thing upside down and let everything free fall.

So this is what my purse contents really look like when they’re dumped onto a desk. Be careful! It’s uncensored! There is probably even lint, so you may want to cover your eyes. Heaven forbid something in a photo on a blog look like it’s actually used in real life! Here it is:



Ok, so one thing I quickly realized as I analyzed the contents is that there is a lot of crap in here that doesn’t need to be in here. I could use this moment as an opportunity to reorganize and clean out my purse. But I won’t. Because I just don’t feel like it.

Yes, I’m a 33 year old woman with a fluffy cat hand sanitzer hooked to my purse where everyone can see. It clashes with most everything I wear. But guess what? I like it. So sue me.



My poor wallet is fading into oblivion, but it’s a Hobo, and I don’t ever get rid of things that I pay close to $100 for, because in my opinion, for that price, they should last for eternity.

There’s a bunch of crumpled papers. They must be important.

Ooo there’s my favorite lip gloss that I got in an Ipsy bag. It smells like candy!

I carry my makeup remover wipes with me because sometimes I forget to wash my face. Or shower.

There’s also my deodorant, with the label steadily detaching itself from the tube. I keep it in my purse for the same reasons as the makeup remover wipes.

That Mentos gum is empty, but I’m a hoarder of small containers so it’s still in there.

A couple of pair of gloves are always stuffed in the bottom because I’m not used to the cold fall weather here in Northern Arizona. Eww, that brush looks REALLY dirty right now.

There’s some nose drops because I constantly have dry nose here in the desert.  Oh and a fake ring that doesn’t fit.

Hey, there’s the mouthpiece to my water bottle! I have been wondering where that went!


There’s an old Ipsy bag. Let’s see what’s in there:



Vitamins, ibuprofen, homeopathic stress relieving throat spray. Cool. I should use that stuff.


Last and definitely least, this clippy thing:



So there you have it. That’s my purse. I guess I’ve just blown the lid off my facade of perfection.

I actually learned a couple of things from this exercise. 1) I think I need to shower more. 2) I’m not very organized. 3) I could carry a MUCH smaller purse, because I hardly use any of the crap in there.

That’s a real girl’s purse people! Hope you can relate.




**I love to hear from my readers. If you have a thought or opinion about something in this article, please comment! Let’s get a convo started!**


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