Geekfuel Subscription Box December 2017 Unboxing

Geek Fuel December 2017 Unboxing

Geek Fuel is a monthly subscription box that appeals to gamers, pop culture geeks, movie lovers, collectors, and more.  I get it for my 12 (almost 13) year old stepson, D.  However, this box isn’t just for boys. Geek Fuel has a huge variety of different subscribers, male and female, young and old.

Their website explains that each box is guaranteed to have at least $50 worth of merchandise. Since the box only cost you $24.90 (that’s $18.90, plus $6 shipping & handling) a month, that’s a pretty darn good value!

The types of items you get in your box include toys and action figures, household goods, limited edition comics, collectibles, everyday essentials, hard cover books, exclusive t-shirts, and downloadable games.

Every box is guaranteed to have a cool t-shirt, AND a full-size downloadable STEAM game. Those were the two main reasons I picked this subscription box for D over all of the others out there. He loves STEAM games, and always wears fun comics/pop culture t-shirts, so it’s perfect for him!

Let’s check out what December’s Geek Fuel box has to offer!

The Bonafide Broad is not affiliated with or sponsored by Geek Fuel in any way. We purchase a monthly subscription like everyone else. However, if you sign up for a subscription for Geek Fuel through our referral link, we receive a $5 credit for the referral.  Subscribe here!  



The Box

Here’s December’s box:



Just looking it over I’m getting excited! Lots of goodies!


So first of all, every month you get a copy of GeekFuel magazine. Its filled with fun stories, gift ideas, recommendations, interviews and more.



Who doesn’t love Gremlins? I know I do!


Another thing you always get is an information card describing the items in the box. Here is the front, and I’ll show the back when we look at the T-shirt, because it explains that.





So as usual, I always go for the shirt first. This shirt is so fantastic!



Here’s the back of the information card describing the shirt. Every month they have a promotion where you can take a selfie in the shirt and possibly be featured in the next issue of Geek Fuel magazine. How rad is that?



To determine the value of the items from Geek Fuel can be difficult, because most of them are made exclusively for the company, so you can’t get them anywhere else. This is almost always the case with their t-shirts. After looking up similar types of shirts, I put the approximate value of this shirt at $20.



The next two items are collectors pins. You get a lot of collectors pins from Geek Fuel and my step son loves them. The first in this box is a classic,  from Super Mario Kart, and of course, it’s upside down. Good job to me!



The second pin is from Stranger Things. I haven’t watched the show yet, so I’m unfamiliar with the nuances, but D was excited!



Again, these are collectors items exclusive to Geek Fuel. I usually guess the value of these pins to be around $5 each, so $10 for both.



Next up is a Star Wars item. This is a very cool and high quality leather key fob. Nice! You will get either the Rebel or the Imperial key chain. Love that D got the Rebel one.



You can find this same item here, from Amazon for $11.95.



I received an email telling me there would be a South Park item in December’s box, so I’m super stoked! It’s Kidrobot! Whoop whoop! It’s the exclusive glitter edition, and comes with a custom play set.



Again, this is a Geek Fuel exclusive item. It’s similar to this version, which sells at Best Buy for $9.99. However, this one looks nicer than the Best Buy one, so I’m gonna say its value is about $14.99.



Last but certainly not least, is this month’s STEAM card. It’s called Poncho, and is about a little robot in a poncho. Cool beans!



As it says on the card, this game is valued at $5.



The Verdict

That, my Broads, is December’s Geek Fuel box. Let’s see the value!

Remember, the cost for this box is $24.90. Adding up everything, it looks like the approximate worth for December’s box is $61.94. That’s almost three times what I paid. Not bad at all!


What do you Broads and Bruts think?


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