Geekfuel Subscription Box November 2017 Unboxing

Geek Fuel November 2017 Unboxing (Fashionably Late)

Geek Fuel is a monthly subscription box that appeals to gamers, pop culture geeks, movie lovers, collectors, and more.  I get it for my 12 (almost 13) year old stepson, D.  However, this box isn’t just for boys. Geek Fuel has a huge variety of different subscribers, male and female, young and old.

Their website explains that each box is guaranteed to have at least $50 worth of merchandise. Since the box only cost you $24.90 (that’s $18.90, plus $6 shipping & handling) a month, that’s a pretty darn good value!

The types of items you get in your box include toys and action figures, household goods, limited edition comics, collectibles, everyday essentials, hard cover books, exclusive t-shirts, and downloadable games.

Every box is guaranteed to have a cool t-shirt, AND a full-size downloadable STEAM game. Those were the two main reasons I picked this subscription box for D over all of the others out there. He loves STEAM games, and always wears fun comics/pop culture t-shirts, so it’s perfect for him!

Let’s check out November’s box!

The Bonafide Broad is not affiliated with or sponsored by Geek Fuel in any way. We purchase a monthly subscription like everyone else. However, if you sign up for a subscription for Geek Fuel through our referral link, we receive a $5 credit for the referral.  Subscribe here!


The Box


I just love how cram packed the box is full of fun goodies. Let’s dive in chicas and chicos!

So first of all, every month you get a copy of Geek Fuel magazine. Its filled with fun stories, gift ideas, recommendations, interviews and more.



Like most subscription boxes, Geek Fuel includes an information card detailing the items in the box, like so:



I always like to check out the t-shirt first, and November’s is stuffed into a super cool box, which is obviously Jurassic Park related. Whoop whoop!



This shirt is too cool! It features Isla Nublar, and the graphic is wicked cool. Totally digging “Life Finds a Way!” D loved the shirt this month, too.



There is this cool info card featuring the shirt, as well as a promotion where you can take a selfie in the shirt and possibly be featured in the next issue of Geek Fuel magazine. How rad is that?



It’s hard to determine the EXACT value of some of the items that come in the Geek Fuel box, because many of them are exclusive to the company. I’ll try my best.

I googled Isla Nubler t-shirts, and there were quite a few between $15-$20. We’ll go with that.

The next item I am drawn to is the cool little Deadpool Plush toy. We knew there would be a Deadpool item in this month’s box, and Deadpool just so happens to be D’s favorite superhero, so YES!

LOVE that he is white instead of red. It just makes it a little more unique.



You can get the red version of this on Funko Mopeez: Marvel – Deadpool Action Figure“>Amazon for $10.48.

Next up are the Kom-Bot Edition Epic Enamels. I love that Geek Fuel sends collector pins. D can put these on his jacket, his backpack, or anywhere he wants. They are super cool, and great quality too! I like that this month gave us a set of two pins instead of the standard one. Another win!



I can’t find anything regarding price for these pins because they are exclusive to Geek Fuel, so I’m going estimate they are worth about $10 for both.

The next item is amaze-balls! It’s from Star Wars Rogue One, ans it’s a collectible 3D wood model. I like this because not only is is wicked neat looking, but D has to build it. Anything to get the kid doing something besides being glued to the TV.



You can get this wood model on Incredibuilds Star Wars Rogue One: At-Act 3D Wood Model and Book“>Amazon for $16.99.

Moving on, we have a pretty fantastic seasonal item, wrapping paper. Not just ANY wrapping paper either. These have to be the funkiest, most fun wrapping paper sheets I’ve seen in a while. I was surprised how much D and Mr. OG like them, too.



Again, these are exclusive to Geek Fuel, so I’ll have to estimate their worth. Based on wrapping paper prices, and how unique these are, I’ll value them at about $8.

Last but not least, we have our monthly STEAM game. This one is called Lumini. The STEAM website says of the game: “A long-forgotten species, a hostile planet and a journey of discovery! Welcome to the world of Lumini – split and reform your swarm, evolve and discover new abilities to bring the Lumini back to their former glory…”




Determining the value on this one was a cinch because it says right on it that it has a $13 value. Nice!

The Verdict

That, my Broads, is November’s Geek Fuel box. Pretty great, I’d say, but let’s check the total value of the whole box to be sure.

Remember, the cost for this box was $24.90. Adding up everything, it looks like the approximate worth for November’s box is between $73 and $78. I’d say that’s fantastic. Its triple the price I paid, and I love hearing that!

What do you Broad’s think?


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