Ipsy Subscription Box November 2017 Unboxing

Ipsy Subscription Box: November 2017 Unboxing!

Ipsy is a fantastic monthly subscription box, created by beauty influencer Michelle Phan, as well as Marcelo Camberos and Jennifer Goldfarb. It’s been around since 2011, and is the very first subscription box I ever tried back in 2015.

When you sign up, you complete a beauty profile quiz, which determines the products you receive in your bag. Some subscribers don’t think the quiz makes much of a difference, but I have noticed I almost never get hair products, which was what I specifically stated in my beauty quiz that I didn’t want. It seems like they’re listening.

I stick with Ipsy because it’s only $10 a month, you get 4 or 5 deluxe-sized or full-sized products that always come in a cute little makeup bag, and the company’s website says the value of each bag is around $50.

Another thing I LOVE about Ipsy is that you get points for reviewing the products in the bag, and you get to trade in your points for extra items. I’ve gotten several awesome items from my points, like a full-sized concealer, an eye shadow palette, and a crystal nail file.

It’s also exciting because your bag comes in a bright pink shiny bubble mailer. Every time I see that super shiny pink in my mailbox my heart flutters with happiness!


NOTE: This post may contain referral and/or affiliate links, so I make a commission from some of them. However, I promise I will NEVER recommend a product unless I have personally tried it or have done research and would purchase it myself. I will also remove anything from my blog that is unsatisfactory for any reason, so please contact me if you encounter a problem or issue with any product I recommend.


Let’s check out this month’s bag:



I saw a spoiler for this bag on the Ipsy app, and subscribers will receive it in either blue or yellow. I’m so glad I got blue!

First thing, your bag will have a little info card that explains why they chose the specific theme they did, as well as some sort of online promotion-type thing they are featuring for the month.


This month’s theme is: All You



I like that they are featuring real life Ipsters (the company’s nickname for subscribers) this month. They usually feature popular online beauty influencers, so it’s fun to see real life people.

I just wish they would put the approximate value of each product on the card. However, they tailor boxes to each person, so it would probably cost a lot to make different cards with specific products for each subscriber. I get it.



The first item I’m drawn to is that fantastic colorful box with the tiger on it. It’s the Glamour Dolls Bitten & Bronzed Matte Bronzer. Here’s what the actual item looks like:



I got instant nostalgia, because it reminded me of the Lisa Frank brand that all of us 90’s ladies loved in grade school. I mean we had Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers, pen boxes, peechees, lunch boxes, book covers, etc! And, of course, we put Lisa Frank stickers on everything!

I was delighted to see this is ACTUALLY a Lisa Frank inspired item!

Here’s what it looks like swatched:



It’s nice and subtle, but definitely buildable. I like that it isn’t super orange-y (although my hand makes me look like an Ooompa-Loompa). This will be used for sure.

This item retails for $4.99 on the Glamour Dolls website.


Next up is this gorgeous makeup brush by slmissglam. On the side of the brush, it says it’s the B36 tapered brush.



What a beautiful color, and the little rhinestones are a nice touch, too!

I couldn’t find this exact brush anywhere. I believe it was made specifically for Ipsy (You, know, cuz it says IPSY right on it).

However, I did find several brush sets on the slmissglam website with tapered highlight brushes in them. By dividing the cost of the brush set by the number of brushes included, I determined that the average individual price for a tapered highlight brush from slmissglam is about $15. We’ll go with that.



The next item I see is by Too Faced, a brand I love. It’s their Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray.



Truth be told, I’m disappointed in this item. It’s so tiny that I don’t even want to try it on my hand, for fear I’ll use it all.

I have tried the Too Faced Hangover Replenish Primer (the one in the tube), and it’s a good primer. This is taking that primer a step further and turning it into a multitasking spray that Too Faced claims can work as a primer, moisturizing mist and/or setting spray. It’s packed with fantastic ingredients like coconut oil and probiotics to boot!

Since I can’t try it on, I went online to see what people are saying about it. Apparently it’s a pretty decent product. The general consensus I seemed to find is that it works best as a refreshing spray over your makeup throughout the day. So I’ll try it that way this week at work. We’ll see. I’m a little disappointed though.

This is $32 online at Ulta, for the full-sized version. Since this sample size is so tiny, it comes out to a value of about $1.42



Now I am turning my focus to the product by Tarte, another brand I love. This is their Deluxe Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush, which I’ve heard good things about.



Subscribers received one of three shades: feisty, quirky, or idol. I got feisty. This is a gorgeous shade! Here it is swatched:



It’s VERY subtle, and I even tried to build it up a little. But I always think subtle is good in blush. It’s so easy to get clownish with too much blush. So I’m good with the subtlety.

This is their mini-travel sized version. At .05 ounces, it’s a quarter of the size of the regular one. I found this size and shade on Amazon for $10.50 with free shipping. The full-sized version is $29.99.



The last product in this month’s bag is the Touch in Sol Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation. Subscribers will get either Shade #23 Natural Beige or Shade #21 Nude Beige. I got #23 Natural Beige, which looks like this swatched:



The left picture is after barely rubbing it in, and the right is after blending it well. This is a perfect shade for me, as it disappears completely into my skin color. It felt very light, but with good coverage. It’s buildable, and not even a little cakey. Ipsy recommends on their website that you warm this up in your fingers before applying and it will be much more blendable. It has SPF 30, too, which rocks!

This bottle is 10 ml, which is a third of the size of their full-sized version. The full-sized version can be found on Amazon for $22.98, so I’m gonna divide that by three, making the value of this deluxe sample $7.66.

I will likely use this in the spring and summer, when I switch to a lighter, more dewy foundation. Can’t wait!




This month’s Ipsy was pretty damn good. The value I calculated came to $39.57, and that doesn’t factor in the makeup bag. So the value is about 400% of the cost. Totally worth $10 in my book.

The real disappointment was the tiny Hangover Spray. I mean, come on, what’s the point of a sample that small, especially when it’s a spray? Just stupid.

Ipsy nailed it with everything else though, so I can’t put too much emphasis on the one disappointment.


I am not paid or affiliated with Ipsy in any way. I buy a monthly subscription like everyone else.

I highly recommend signing up! If you sign up using my referral link, we BOTH get extra points, which can go toward free products!


Talk to ya lata Broads!


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  1. I never thought about the value of what might come in a subscription box. I can’t believe all of the name-brands!! I will definitely be signing up for an Ipsy subscription after reading this!!!

    1. Good! Use my referral link and we’ll both get extra points! Yea it’s totally worth it because of the high value! My makeup collection has expanded so much, and I have gotten to try so many products I otherwise never would have. You’ll love it. I even get Devon and Payton their own subscription boxes! Devon gets Geekfuel, and Payton gets Ipsy. Thanks for the comment!

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