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Hello Broads!

I’m so pleased to introduce a new series on The Bonafide Broad blog! It’s called Musings from the Maestro. We have a fantastic new contributor, The Maestro, who loves all things music. His (yes, our first male contributor!) name in the real world is Ryan, and he has volunteered to share some his introspection with us.He will pop in with his musings every once in a while. We hope to share thoughts from The Maestro on all things music, including influential artists, historical styles, lyrics and their meanings, reviews of music-related products, and more. I can’t wait to see where this goes! Hope you enjoy!


Here is The Maestro’s introductory post:


Music | Are You REALLY Listening?

For centuries, all around the world, music has been the inspiring, uplifting, creative, consoling, angering, endearing, driving art form for many walks of life. From the long flowing strings of Mozart, to the short plucking strings of bluegrass, and from the twangy sounds of country to the upbeat foot tapping tones of pop, there is something for everyone to enjoy or be entertained by (whether they know it or not).


Man relaxing and listening to music on a stereo.


Music is powerful. It moves people, not just physically, but emotionally and intellectually. Whether you’re a head bobber, a sing along-er, a foot tapper, a dancer, or just a listener, you can find yourself hypnotized by the instrumentals or lyrics of your favorite artists or bands.

I often say that there is a difference between hearing and listening. I learned that from my mom. When I was younger, she would ask me to repeat what she just said to me, and usually all I could say was “Uh, I wasn’t listening.” Taking this little lesson and applying it to other aspects of my life has helped me to communicate better with people and understand things that are often overlooked.


Abstract Music


I really noticed my mother’s lesson in action when I listened to music; it gave me a whole new outlook and appreciation for the art form. These days people are moving so fast, overlooking the details and just accepting the short version of things. People don’t often take the time to stop and really listen. This is one of my fears, and a place I don’t want society going.

When we first become young adults, we start to realize how fast life goes by. What we don’t realize until we are nearing the end of our life journey, is that we maybe didn’t grasp or experience as many emotions, knowledge, or moments as we could have. These are often regrets, or missed opportunities, and we all have them. That’s why I want people to slow down and take interest and pride in the minute details of everyday life. A great place to start practicing this is with music.


Sheet music with headphones


Attention to detail is a rare attribute, but it’s one of the most important ones you can have. Being attentive towards all aspects of what goes into making music, especially from a producing and listening standpoint, has really been a saving grace for me.

I have encountered many miseries and obstacles in my life, just as we all have. I know I will continue to experience these kinds of things. In the past, I found myself struggling to deal with my thoughts and emotions. So I began looking for outlets and places to turn for relief. Sports were the most helpful for me, but I noticed that they only really helped when I was on the field or the court. At this point in my life, I didn’t want to vent or talk to anyone about my problems. This was because I had developed a horrible habit of demanding dominance over my emotions and not allowing them flow freely.


Vintage record player


But then I encountered an artist whose music changed my life, healed my emotional wounds, and made me fall in love with the beauty of creativity and self expression. Since then, I have been obsessed with the making of and listening to music. I am still constantly learning all I can about music today.

I want you to ask yourself: are you REALLY listening to music, or just simply hearing it? This is so important, because the difference can change your life. I’m not an expert and I certainly don’t know everything, but I want to open a door that can help others find a true passion and appreciation for music, just as I have. My hope is that we can spread the love of music. I’m optimistic that if we all work together, we can bring back the days of really listening to music, and not just simply hearing.


No music, no life--Neon Sign


So here’s to opening our minds and our hearts, not just our ears!


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