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Best Free Graphics and Fonts

Creative Market Free Goods of the Week

Creative Market is awesome! They have a wide range of handcrafted fonts, graphics, icons, templates and more. The best part is, every week they offer a handful of free goods. Go create an account and make sure you at least download the Free Goods of the Week. You’ll end up with a fantastic collection after only a few weeks.


Design Bundles Free Design Resources

This is another great site to get premium graphics and fonts. Plus they have an entire page full of amazing free goods, including mockups, patterns, prints, and more!

Dafont is my favorite place to get free fonts. They have THOUSANDS of awesome fonts. Be careful though! Some of them have licenses that only permit personal use. Make sure if you’re using the fonts for anything commercial, you select one that allows for commercial use.



Best Free Stock Photos


When I am looking for a good stock photo, I always check Unsplash first. There seems to be a larger and more diverse collection of stock photography here than any other site I’ve used. Plus the images are free and don’t require attribution.



The second place I turn to when looking for snazzy stock photos is Pexels. They seem to have a little less variety than Unsplash, but the photos are truly stunning and unique.



Pixabay is a good alternative to the two sites above. I use it less frequently, but if I can’t find what I’m looking for on Unsplash or Pexels, with their 1 million+ photos, Pixabay will usually have it!



Best Free Blogging Programs/Tools


Pixlr is a photo editing program that’s free, and once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to use. I edit all of my photos in Pixlr. One of my favorite things about it is it’s an online program, so I can use it from any computer. It’s also WAY less intimidating for us regular people than Photoshop.



I use Canva to make all of my pins and affiliate ads, as well as for my Etsy shop graphics. You don’t need to be a professional designer to make fantastic graphics with Canva, because it’s incredibly user and beginner-friendy. There are so many awesome features, even professionals often select Canva over photoshop for creating pins and other graphics. It’s just SO EASY to use.  Plus it’s free! There is also a premium version for $12.95 a month (I pay for Canva because I can save all of my designs and templates).



For bloggers just starting out, there is often a lack of money to invest in necessary programs. That’s why MailChimp rocks! It’s free up to 2,000 subscribers. Often, once you get up to that amount of subscribers, your blog begins to make enough to pay for an email capture program. But until then, MailChimp has your back!




Best Free Courses

Pinterest Primer: Free Five Day Course–Moms Make Cents

McKinzie is just awesome. She has a way of explaining things in a simple way, while still conveying a TON of valuable information. This free course is not only quick, but it’s also packed full of great tips you can start implementing right away. This is a can’t miss course if you use Pinterest for your online business (If you don’t you, you should!).


Keyword Master Course

Keyword research is something that directly contributes to your organic website traffic, and yet it’s often pushed to the wayside by bloggers. Which is understandable, because it can be complicated. This 14-day email course breaks down the importance of keyword research, as well as how to do it. I was stoked to learn about the different programs you can use to streamline your keyword research as well. A must-take course for bloggers looking to incresase their organic traffic!



Best Books About Blogging:

How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul–Ruth Soukup

This is a fantastic book for beginning bloggers, or those who are attempting to monetize their existing blog.

Ruth Soukup is the blogger behind Living Well Spending Less, and the creator of Elite Blog Academy, the foremost training program for bloggers nowadays. She talks the talk and walks the walk.  and she shares her experience and tips beautifully.  I purchased the ebook, printed it out, hole-punched it, and put it in a binder. That way I could use highlighters and sticky arrows to mark parts I needed to study more deeply..


Pinteresting Strategies–Carly Campbell

Pinterest is THE social media platform every blogger needs to master. Carly Campbell is the creator of the wonderful blog Mommy on Purpose. In this book, Carly details her immense research into manual pinning. She outlines a great system for manual pinning and gives all kinds of tips and pointers about Pinterest that I’d never thought of. I learned SO MUCH! Again, I printed this ebook out and put it in a binder so I could highlight and bookmark the most important sections.

Pinteresting Strategies: from 0-200k page views with manual pinning.



Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog–Rand Fishkin and Thomas Hogenhaven

This is the first book I bought when I was researching how to get traffic. It was recommended by Jon Morrow from SmartBlogger, a blogger and entrepreneur who I really look up to. The guy just knows what he’s talking about. The Moz Blog is an important authority when it comes to marketing and SEO, as well, and this book shows it. It goes into great detail on the best marketing and SEO practices, and how you can apply them to your own business or website.