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Boxycharm Subscription Box: December 2017 Unboxing

Boxycharm Subscription Box: December 2017 Unboxing

Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box that costs $21 per month. They feature makeup, skin care, and hair care products, and their website states that they send 4 to 5 full-sized or luxury-sized beauty products in each box. The company guarantees the box value to be over $100.

Boxycharm is my all time favorite subscription box. If I had to get rid of all of my boxes but one (what a sad world THAT would be), I would keep Boxycharm without thinking twice.



For me, no other box delivers the fantastic value of Boxycharm. Every month I find myself wondering how they can send so many amazing and EXPENSIVE products, but only charge $21! It rocks my socks!

You can sign up here.





What have you got for me this month Boxy? Let’s see:



There is always a nice little information card that describes what products you are getting and their retail value. Like so:



Glitz and Glam. Great theme! Don’t we all need a bit of that in our life, to remind us what crazy awesome ladies we are?



The first item I see is one I’ve been expecting. Boxycharm’s Facebook said a few months ago that the Tarte mascara would be in one of 2017’s boxes. Since I haven’t seen it yet, I assumed it was coming in this month’s box. I’ve gotten the smaller sample size of this mascara in other boxes, but I’ve never had the full-sized version.



This stuff is great! What I like about it is that it lengthens, separates, AND volumizes. It’s an all around great everyday mascara.

You can get it here for $23.00, which is the exact value Boxycharm states on the information card.



Next up is the Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Lightweight Liquid Lipstick. I haven’t tried anything from this brand, which is what I love about beauty subscription boxes. Always making me try new things!



So when I swatched this (below), I was pleasantly surprised at how unique the color is. It also stayed put for a very long time, especially for not being a long wear lipstick. I’m pretty excited to try this color. It so coppery and beautiful.

The information card says it retails for $24.00. You can get it here for, you guessed it, $24.00!



I’m pretty stoked about this next item! It’s the Bellapierre Pro Concealer Palette.



I love colored correcting concealers. They help to even out skin imperfections. The orange is great for bluish dark circles, the green helps to even out redness, and the purple is perfect for minimizing yellowish spots. I’ve noticed some color problems with my skin as I’m getting older, so this is a great product for me.

This can be purchased on the Bellapierre website for $29.99, like the information card says.



Next we have the Real Her Blush Kit.



Ain’t it a beauty? These colors are just lovely! Plus they have very empowering names, which always makes me walk a little taller.

I love blush. I really can’t live without it, and this palette will be immediately added to my daily makeup routine.

According to Boxycharm, this is $32.00 retail. Sure enough, you can get it on the Real Her website for $32.00.



The last item is great paired with the blush palette. It’s the Crown Brush Deluxe Blush Brush.



You know what’s as awesome as getting a new blush palette? Getting a brand new brush to use with it! Crown Brush makes great brushes, and I’m always happy to get makeup brushes.

The information card values this brush at $12, which I confirmed on Crown Brush’s website. Get it here.



Here is a swatch of the blush and the lipstick:



It’s so pretty!


The Verdict:


Adding up the retail cost of each product, this month’s box is worth $120.99.

Again, the cost of the box is $21/ month. Like I said, in my book, no other beauty subscription box even compares in value for the price!

I am not paid or affiliated with Boxycharm in any way. My monthly subscription comes from my own pocket, like everyone else. I just love them THAT much!

Again, I highly recommend signing up! If you sign up using my referral link (here it is again), we BOTH get extra points, which can go toward free products!



Thanks Broads!



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