Boxycharm Subscription Box October 2017 Unboxing

Boxycharm October Unboxing! (Just a LITTLE Late)

Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box that costs $21 per month. They feature makeup, skin care, and hair care products, and their website states that they send 4 to 5 full-sized or luxury-sized beauty products in each box. The company guarantees the box value to be over $100.

Boxycharm is my all time favorite subscription box. If I had to get rid of all of my boxes but one (what a sad world THAT would be), I would keep Boxycharm without thinking twice.

No other box delivers the fantastic value of Boxycharm. Every month I find myself wondering how they can send so many amazing and EXPENSIVE products, but only charge $21! It rocks my socks!

You can sign up here.

I got my box late this month. With moving, and signing up again, my box was sent 1,300 miles away to Washington. I had a HARD time waiting! But, alas, it did FINALLY arrive.


NOTE: This post may contain referral and/or affiliate links, so I make a commission from some of them. However, I promise I will NEVER recommend a product unless I have personally tried it or have done research and would purchase it myself. I will also remove anything from my blog that is unsatisfactory for any reason, so please contact me if you encounter a problem or issue with any product I recommend.



October didn’t disappoint! Let’s dive right in:




This month’s theme was Spellbound, perfect for Halloween! There is always a nice little information card that explains what products you are getting, and lets you know their retail value. Like so:





So first, I was super stoked to get a full-sized bottle of Dr. Brandt’s Poredermabrasion Exfoliator.



This stuff rocks! It has a nice creamy texture, with these little micro crystals that do a fabulous job of getting rid of dead skin cells and gunk that doesn’t belong on our face. It smells fantastic, too! It’s sort of minty and fresh, but not overboard. My skin always feels so refreshed after using this!

This retails for $58, but I checked Amazon, and you can get it for $25.99 with free shipping. Which is more than the cost of the whole box. So awesome!


Next we have the DLS Eyeshadow chubby.



I’m not a huge fan of these, because my eyelids tend to get oily, so I get crease-grease about halfway through the day. But if used as an eyeshadow base, with a powder over it, it stays put much better. This color is gorgeous too!!

The price is $14 on the card. Online, I could only find this shade new for $10 + $6.49 shipping at Poshmark.


The next items are the Jonteblu Lip Liner Pencil and the Tarte Tartiest Dry Quick Matte Lip Paint.



This my first time trying the Jonteblu lip liner. It seems like your average liner. Good pigmentation, and stays on pretty well. It says  $5 on the card. I found it on Amazon for $4.50 + free shipping.

The Tarte Lip Paint is great! Not only does it stay on FOREVER, but this color is one of those perfect light nudes that goes great with a smokey eye. I think these two will do well together to create a contoured lip.

The card says retail is $20. On Amazon? $19.97 + free shipping. Here’s a swatch of them both:






I saved the best for last! I was SOSOSO excited to get this Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Liquid Highlighter!!!



This is one I’ve always wanted, but it’s spendy!! It retails for $41! (Maybe I’m just cheap)

I’m so happy to have the full-sized version too!



Look at how it makes skin glow! This is a gorgeous color, and the shimmer is microfine so it never looks chunky or tacky. It goes with almost every skin tone. It’s also really versatile.  You can wear it as a base under your foundation, or you can use it as a highlighter after foundation. LOVE!

The card says retail is $41, and Amazon says it’s $39.98 + free shipping.



This month’s box was great! It held up to the high standard that Boxycharm consistently performs at. Between the Becca Highlighter and the Dr. Brandt Exfoliator, I got MORE than what I paid for, plus there were 3 more products!

The total value of everything, according to the information card sent with the products is $138. I found all of these items online for $106.93. Again, the cost of the box is $21/ month. Like I said, no other beauty subscription boxes even compare in value for the price!

I am not paid or affiliated with Boxycharm in any way. I buy a monthly subscription like everyone else. I just love them THAT much!

I highly recommend signing up! If you sign up using my referral link, we BOTH get extra points, which can go toward free products!


Talk to ya soon Broads!

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