Boxycharm Subscription Box March 2018

Boxycharm Subscription Box: March 2018 Unboxing

Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box that costs $21 per month. They feature makeup, skin care, and hair care products, and their website states that they send 4 to 5 full-sized or luxury-sized beauty products in each box. The company guarantees the box value to be over $100. We will be checking out the March Boxycharm today.

Boxycharm is my all time favorite subscription box. If I had to get rid of all of my boxes but one (what a sad world THAT would be), I would keep Boxycharm without thinking twice.

For me, no other box delivers the fantastic value of Boxycharm. Every month I find myself wondering how they can send so many amazing and EXPENSIVE products, but only charge $21! It rocks my socks!

You can sign up here.


The Box:

Here is this month’s box:



I’m so happy to see this gorgeous floral print! It reminds me that spring is here, and we made it through the cold winter. But Bae-cation? Really? What does that even mean? I hate using the word bae (no offense to anyone who uses that word, it just never sounds right when I do).



So I’m just going with the idea of vacation, which is nice for March, since most of us will be enjoying spring break this month.

Here are the items listed, with descriptions and retail values:



That is one of my favorite things about Boxycharm. They list retail values, and they are almost always right on the spot with what I find when I research values for the items.

There was also a nice coupon in this month’s box, for 25% off of a $50 purchase at



That’s $12.50 off of a $50 purchase! Pretty good in my book.


So, the first item in the March Boxycharm is this set of three South Mane Under Eye Gels:



Anything that helps with eye puffiness and dark circles is great for me, as I’m going through my 30’s. I’m still getting used to dark circles and morning bags underneath my eyes.

On the South Mane website, there are several reviews raving about how these eye gels work really well, and they actually remove dark circles, making your whole face appear refreshed. I hadn’t even heard of this brand (apparently they started as a body care line and moved to hair care and other kinds of products), so I’m glad to see some positive reviews.

These retail for $3 each or a 3-pack for $9 and you can get them here. Boxycharm said $10, so pretty close.

Up next is the Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush compact in the color Hush Blush.



First off, I LOVE their packaging! The gold is so much fun, and I really like a sturdy blush compact. The color is a beautiful rose hue, and looks to be pretty universal for lots of different skin tones.



I’ve tried several products from Pretty Vulgar and I’m a fan of the brand. Their website is addicting! Everything is so beautiful and sparkly!

This blush retails for $26 on Pretty Vulgar’s website, which is exactly the price listed on Boxycharm’s information card.


Moving on, we have The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set.



Super cute set! They are on the shorter end, so they pack easily. The bristles are nice and soft, and I like the cute wording on the brushes. Another nice feature is that the set includes a smudge brush.

This set retails for $23.29 on The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s website. Boxycharm lists their retail value at $23.15, which is extremely close. The only reason for the teeny difference in price is that you have to convert the price to US dollars, since they are a UK company. The Euro fluctuates slightly, causing  the small (pennies) difference between prices.

Youu can get this brush set here for only $19.99!


Up next is Butter London’s Double Decker Mascara:



I have never tried this mascara, but this is what the Butter London website claims: “Get 200% thicker lashes in just one coat and a 314% increase in lash curl. The interlocking nylon fiber brush grasps each individual lash to lengthen, curl, and multiply lashes from root to tip.”

I have no idea how they came up with those exact percentages, but it sure sounds good! This will be fun to test.

You can get this mascara for $20 here.

The last item in March’s box is the Pur X Boxycharm Eyeshadow Palette:



First, I have to say that I just LOVE that I always get some sort of palette in each box! This gorgeous palette is a collaboration between Pur and Boxycharm. It has 12 fantastic colors, as you can see:



I like that it includes some nice kind of bright neutrals, and then some really brave colors.

I’m a fan of Pur Cometics, partly because they make great products, but also because they sell cruelty and paraben-free makeup that is never tested on animals.

Check out the colors in the palette swatched:



That blue though! I’m digging the mix of shimmer and matte textures. It looks pretty versatile, with a lot of different possible color combinations.

You can get this exclusively on Pur’s website for $36.


The Verdict

Well, Boxycharm, you always impress me, and the March Boxycharm is no different.

I love the palette, as well as the brush set, and the eye gel packs are going to be great for when I wake up with puff-face. I’m also super excited to try the mascara, and of course the blush is just gorgeous! It’s awesome that every product is full-sized, too! But what about the value?

Boxycharm’s information card puts the total retail value of this month’s box at $115.15. From my research, I found the total retail value of all the products to be $110.99. So it’s very close.

Interestingly, Boxycharm’s boxes are usually higher in retail value, closer to $120-$150. So this month’s box value is a little lower than normal. But the curation of products is so good, I don’t really mind.

Again, the cost of the box is $21/ month.  What an awesome value, right? Like I said, in my book, no other beauty subscription box even compares in value for the price!

I am not paid or affiliated with Boxycharm in any way. My monthly subscription comes from my own pocket, like everyone else. I just love them THAT much!

Again, I highly recommend signing up! If you sign up using my referral link (here it is again), we BOTH get extra points, which can go toward free products!


Talk at ya later Broads!

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