Gift Guide for Men: 30 Super Unique Men’s Gifts


Why are men’s gifts so hard to find? Without a doubt, the most difficult person in my life to get gifts for is Mr. Og. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary, it never gets easier.

Part of the reason is that he never wants anything specific, and he always says, “I just don’t NEED anything.” Or he suggests things like socks, boxer briefs, and of course, a pair of Jordan’s.

It takes a lot to think of great gifts that will blow his mind. Sometimes I succeed, and other times I fail miserably.

I imagine many of you Broads feel the same way when it comes to men’s gifts. So I’m gonna help you out, and suggest some amazing and unique gifts for him. These range in price from just a few dollars to a significant investment. You are sure to find something that fits your budget and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, that will absolutely knock the socks off your mister!

*NOTE: We’ve tried to include exact prices for all items, but prices tend to change seasonally, or with coupons, sales, demand, etc. Always check to make sure of the current price!*

Without further adieu, let’s dive in right in!

***This post contains affiliate links, which mean if you make a purchase through one of those links, The Bonafide broad will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!***

1. Viking Drinking Horn

Viking Drinking Horn

This is an amazing gift for a manly man. I mean, does it get more manly than Vikings??? The great thing about men’s gifts like this one is it has a very antique/aged feel to it, but it’s very relevant (you know, Game of Thrones).

What’s great is that this is made from 100% natural buffalo horn, and it’s been polished and sealed to keep it gorgeous and to prevent leaks. It can hold a pint of beer, and it also comes with a lovely stand for displaying.

It’s less than $40. Get it here.

2. Stuff Every Man Should Know by Brett Cohen

Stuff Every Man Should Know

I got this little book for Mr. Og a couple of years ago. It’s great! It’s a perfect bathroom reader, and it’s not just a joke, either.

The information contained in this tiny book is actually valuable. For example, it’ll tell your guy how to cast a fishing rod, get a raise, make a perfect martini, give a great massage and more!

It’s also less than $10! Whoop whoop! Get it here.

3. A wallet with RFID blocking for extra security

RFID blocking wallet men's

Every guy needs a wallet. It’s just one of those things that will wear out and needs to be replaced every year or two.

Nowadays, you can get men’s wallets with RFID blocking so assholes can’t steal your credit or debit card information. This wallet is great because it not only has the extra security, but it also has a fantastic minimalist design. I love this striking blue finish, but there are a ton of colors to choose from.

Extra props for being under $10!! Get it here.

4. LG Watch W7 Stainless Steel Classic Design Smart Watch

LG Smart Watch

These next three suggestions are all types of watches, but each is unique for certain types of guys.

For the tech lover who also likes classy looking accessories, this first one is perfect! We’ve seen Apple watches. They are wicked convenient and all, but hella ugly!

This LG W& Stainless Steel Smart Watch has some amazing features, including a touch screen, full fitness integration, music control, and more!

Of course, it’s also the most expensive item on our list, ringing in at around $300. Buy it here.

Now, if you want a classy and trendy watch, but don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars, check this out….

5. Wood Watch

Bewell Wood Watch

These wood watches are a new trend, and Mr. Og is totally digging them. I have to say, they are just gorgeous!

Bewell makes a great quality wood watch, from natural material. It is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. The hands are luminized as well, so you can still see the time in the dark. It also has a 36-month battery life and is water resistant to 30 meters.

You seriously can’t beat the funky retro style either! He’ll love it! This is much less expensive than most nice looking watches.

It’s a great price for under $30. Get it here.

If your guy wants to have a timepiece but doesn’t want to wear it on his wrist, enter my next suggestion…

6. Zeiger Classic Mechanical Steampunk Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

Who doesn’t like pocket watches? They are super classy and fun statement pieces!

This one is exquisite, with a gorgeous steampunk design and a black tone. To top it off, the surface is scratch resistant, and it features classic Roman numerals. It’s also super affordable. He will feel classy and modern all at once!

Only $60! Find it here.

 7. Bear Paws Shredder Claws

Bear Paw Shredder Claws

Pretty much every manly man loves to BBQ meat. But who ends up shredding that beautiful brisket or pork roast for yummy sliders? Yea, in my house, it’s me.

With these super studly bear claws, you’ll never be given the meat shredding responsibility again. What guy doesn’t want to use these babies to shred up their perfectly cooked meat? I mean, it’s just another excuse for him to play with his food.

They are less than $15! Get them here.

8. Beard Care Kit

Beard Care Kit

For men with beards, a beard kit is the perfect gift. This one by BFWood is fabulous because it’s affordable, it includes beard balm, a quality wooden comb, and a boar bristle brush, and sharp scissors. What’s more, it can all be stored and displayed in the nifty little wood holder. Mr. Og got this for Christmas, and he LOVES it! He uses it every day.

Under $20 to boot! Find it here.

If you don’t want to get him a beard care kit, at least grab him a quality bottle of beard oil. My very favorite is:

9. Topher’s Beard Oil

This beard oil is the shit! It smells absolutely incredible and instantly makes me want to jump Mr. Og’s bones! It also helps your guy’s beard to grow in thicker and healthier. Mr. Og’s beard is SO soft when he puts his Topher’s on! I’m in love with this stuff!

You only need a couple of drops–it goes a LONG way. Mr. Og can make this bottle last for almost 6 months.

Oh, the smell! There are a ton of scents you can choose from. I’ve smelled four of them: Drunken Pirate, Whiskey & Woodsmoke, Sandalwood & Cedar, and Spiced Tobacco. I gotta say, my favorite is Spiced tobacco, but really, you can’t go wrong with any of them. They are all amazing!

It’s only $20.00!  Find it here.

10. Liquor Decanter Set

Globe Decanter

Most guys have a liquor of choice that they love to enjoy when their buddies come over, or by themselves in the evening after a hard day at work. Why not make the experience even finer for him with this stunning decanter set? It’s not only the coolest decanter ever, a 28-ounce globe with etched glass, but it’s also a work of art.

Each decanter is hand blown, with a custom-designed ship on the inside. This kit also includes a wood base, two etched drinking glasses, eight stainless steel whiskey stones, a pair of tongs, a metal pour funnel, and a glass stopper! It’s a fantastic conversation piece, and I’m willing to bet it will even make his scotch taste smoother!

This is surprisingly affordable, less than $35. Buy it here.

11. Xbox One X

Xbox One X

Every guy wants a gaming console amiright?

This is a 1 TB enhanced console, and it’s loaded. You get a fully immersive 4K gaming experience with Ultra HD, premium Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X Audio, so he’ll feel like he’s ACTUALLY in the game. Plus it’s compatible with all things Xbox One, so his old accessories and games will still work!

You will love it too because you can stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and so much more in that quality Native 4K!

It’s the second most expensive item on our list at around $475, but totally worth it! Buy it here.

12. Call of Duty Black Ops 4

If you get him the Xbox One X, you definitely need to get him a cool game for it, which (in my opinion) is Call of Duty Black Ops 4! It’s amazing and the graphics are stunning! It still holds true to the COD we all love, too!

If you can’t afford to get the new gaming console, just pick him up this game, and he will love you forever!

Typical game price is $59.99 and goes down from there. Get it here.

13.  Cologne Sampler

Men's Cologne Sampler Sephora

I’ve gifted this to many people over the years because it’s just so great! You know when you can’t decide what cologne or perfume you want? Don’t you wish you could try each kind for a day or two to see how you REALLY like it?

Enter Sephora’s solution: the cologne sampler (they also have a perfume sampler for women). The samples come in a nice classic travel bag, and you get 12 of the most popular men’s fragrances. The best part is that it comes with a certificate for a FULL-SIZED BOTTLE of the fragrance he likes best! This can be redeemed at any Sephora store in the U.S.

It’s only $65, and you can be sure it’s a scent he will love because he will pick it out himself! Get it here.

14. Jerky of the Month Club

Jerky Snob- Jerky Subscription Box

Every guy loves meat, and jerky counts! There are quite a few monthly jerky clubs out there, but not all are created equal.

My favorite is Jerky Snob. There is no MSG, no nitrates, and no high fructose corn syrup, so you’re guy will still be healthy! Plus, they have a variety of different flavors that he’s sure to love!

Starting at only $15 a month (that doesn’t include S & H), it’s a steal! Join here.

15. Anti-Aging Kit

Brickell 3-piece antiaging kit

This may sound like a weird one, but check this: I’m 35 now, and therefore have been changing up my skincare routine A LOT. Mr. OG has gotten to hear about it many times.

One day he said he wanted to get himself a lotion for his face. It was the first time he’d ever expressed interest in skin care. But with us getting older, it’s something that has been on his mind.

Your guy will likely never go get himself anti-aging products, which is why this is such a great gift. It’ll get him on a great skincare routine without him feeling goofy about it.

This kit by Brickell is very well-reviewed, and it’s simple, just a handful of products. First is the Clarifying Gel Face Wash, that gets rid of oil, cleanses impurities, and leaves a bright clear complexion behind. Second is the Renewing Face Scrub, which unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells. Both work to smooth fine lines and wrinkles as well. Last, there is the Daily Essential Face Moisturizer that hydrates, renews, nourishes, and protects. Because it’s so simple, it shouldn’t be too hard for him to implement these into his morning or evening routine.

You can get it for $77, right here.

16. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Artisan Hot Sauce Making Kit

At this point, you may be starting to realize that I LOVE kits. This one is especially great because it involves your guy creating something of his own, which is half the fun! Almost every man loves a good hot sauce. This kit has excellent reviews on Amazon. It includes your ingredients for the sauce, as wells as three bottles with lids and dashers, three fully customizable labels, a funnel, a pair of gloves, sanitizer, and a booklet with recipes and instructions. The whole shebang!

It’s also less than $30. Get it here.

Is your guy not into spicy? Try this instead:

17. Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit

Artisan BBQ Making Kit

This is a great option for those gents who just don’t enjoy spiciness in their food. The BBQ sauce is great as a marinade, or a dipping sauce. It’s Mr. Og’s very favorite.

With this kit, you can make three different types of BBQ sauce. He will also still get that nice feeling of being able to enjoy something he made himself. All of the ingredients and supplies are included, so you don’t need to worry about anything missing, or having to gather extra ingredients. He’ll love it!

It’s around $35! You can find it here.

18. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Life Straw Personal Water Filter

This thing is rad! There are so many situations where it can be useful.

You can take it camping, hiking, anywhere you travel, or you can put it into an emergency kit. It’s fantastic because it can really suck (oh the puns!) to have to carry around water. Water is heavy! So on that hiking trip, ditch the jugs and bring along your Lifestraw.

This baby can filter up to 1,000 liters of water. It doesn’t take batteries, and it surpasses EPA filter standards. It’s also only 9 inches long, so you can easily fit it pretty much anywhere. Your guy will love this tool!

It’s only $17.47! Buy it here.

19. Cleaning Putty

Cleaning Putty

My favorite kinds of men’s gifts to get are those that are useful. There’s nothing better than seeing your guy USE the gift you got him over and over. If you can make your man’s life easier, you rock! This cleaning gel/putty is one of those weird little gifts he will end up using time and time again.

It’s a perfect little gift for a guy who loves his tech gadgets, and also is a bit of a clean freak (not mentioning any names, Mr. Og). It works on almost any electronic gadget to get all that dust and gunk that even those aerosol cleaning duster cans leave behind.

You can use it on keyboards, phones, cameras, calculators, portable speakers, the back of your computer, the mouse, and any other electronic equipment you can think of. Even better, it can be used on kitchen appliances, remote controls, window sills, fans, briefcases, watches, jewelry, and so much more. It also has a nice fresh lemony clean smell to it.  It may not be the most exciting gift, but I guarantee it will be one he uses all the time!

It doesn’t break the bank either, priced at under $10. Get it here.

20. Personalized Oak Liquor Aging Barrel

Oak Aging Liquor Barrel

What guy isn’t going to love his own personalized whiskey (or whatever spirit he likes) barrel? It looks wicked cool and will be one of his favorite pieces to expand his bar collection.

This barrel is two liters, and you can use it to age whiskey, beer, wine, tequila, rum, and even things like vinegar or honey. You can also have it engraved with your man’s name or nickname as well, making it completely his own–one of a kind.

This is not only useful, but it’s a great conversation starter and a true work of art.

It’s also only $65! Buy it here.

21. Leather Golf Flask

Golf Flask

For your guy who loves to golf, this is one of the most unique and super cool gifts I’ve found.

Mr. Og loves to golf, but after a couple of years of Christmases, birthdays, and anniversaries, he pretty much has everything under the sun he could possibly need for the sport. Enter this little guy. It’s not only extremely well-made, but it also looks super sleek!

It holds 8 ounces of his favorite liquor, and some golf tools: 2 removable markers, 4 wooden tees, and a divot tool. As if that weren’t awesome enough, it also conveniently clips right to his golf bag!

Totally worth it for under $35! Get it here.

22. Stadium Art Print

Stadium Art Print Wrigley Field

For your sports lover, why not get him a killer piece of art for his man cave (or man corner)?

This is an awesome print of Wrigley Field. You can find just about any stadium your guy will like, whether it’s football, baseball, college, or the big leagues. Check Amazon. They have aerial photos, blueprint styles, drawings, paintings and more!

This print is only $60. Get it here.

23. BottleLoft


I love this gift so much because it’s a space saver! It comes with two VERY strong magnetic strips that you can hang a six pack of beer bottles from.

It’s super easy to install, and you will love the extra space it frees up for you in the fridge. Plus, it’s just cool looking, am I right? He will appreciate the simplicity but total coolness of this little gem of a gift!

It’s only $29.99. Find it here.

24. Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic Wrist Band

This wristband is super awesome for your mister! There’s always something to hammer, nail, hang, straighten, or whatever in your house. Out comes Mr. Handyman with thirteen nails stuck in his mouth. Inevitably, he swallows one and drops the other twelve.

Not anymore! The Magnetic Wristband by Magnogrip is great for those projects. Your guy can stick the nails right onto the wristband, and they aren’t going anywhere! No choking hazard, and no stepping on a nail three months later. Everybody wins!

You can get it for less than $12. Buy here.

25. Folding Compact Workbench

Folding Compact Workbench

Portable gifts are just great! Your guy can easily unfold this workbench anywhere he needs to do some real work. By the kitchen sink,  the washer, the back yard, or in the garage.

He can also take it with him if he has a project that needs to be done away from home. He will love how easy it is to fold and carry.

It holds up to 1000 pounds and has two 12 inch clamps. Here are the dimensions:  (W X D X H): 85.0 X 55.0 X 75.5cms. This will be a guaranteed winner!

It’s super affordable at $70! Get it here.

26. The Godfather on Blu-Ray

The Godfather movie

Every guy should own this series by Francis Ford Coppola. It doesn’t get much more classic than this!

Give him the chance to watch the rise and fall of the Corleone family. This is packed with amazing actors: Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Marlon Brando. It was also nominated for ten Academy Awards, winning three of them, including the highly coveted Best Picture.

Pretty sure when it comes to men’s gifts, this one is universally appealing. He will cherish it forever!

It’s only $29.99 for the whole set on blu-ray! Get it here.

27. Grilled Cheese Bags

Grilled Cheese Toaster Bags

Sure, this may seem like a simple, cheap, cheesy gift, and that’s because it IS (pun TOTALLY intended).

These bags are awesome! They make a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich, and he doesn’t have to pull out pans, spatulas, wash dishes, and all that jazz. He can easily slip his bread and cheese into the bag and throw it right into the toaster! Best of all, you don’t get stuck with the cleanup.

This is also great for bachelors and college students, or for when you are out of town and your mister has to fend for himself. It’s a set of three, and they are disposable, so he can just toss them when done!

They are only $11.95. Get them here.

28. Echo Show 2nd Generation

Amazon Echo Show

A lot of guys have received the Echo or the Echo Dot in the last couple of years. I’m pretty sure Mr. Og considers Alexa his mistress. He loves her.

Now you can impress your guy even MORE with the Echo Show. This has everything you already love about Alexa, but it adds video! You can make calls, connect it to security cameras and baby monitors, watch music videos or cooking tutorials (while cooking), look at photos, and more, all hands-free! Plus, it has a gorgeous 10.1″ HD screen!

It also has Dolby processing, extended bass response, eight microphones, beam-forming technology, and noise cancellation for excellent audio quality and response. The one thing I’ve always thought was missing from Alexa was the visual component, and now it’s here. Believe me, he will love love LOVE this!

It’s decently priced at $229.99. Get it here.

29. Beard Shaving Bib

Beard Shaving Bib

Honestly, this looks like it’s for him, but it’s kind of for YOU.

Mr. Og always leaves hair everywhere when he shaves or trims his hair. Try as he may, there’s always little bits of hair in the sink, in cracks, on the floor. It’s everywhere! Not anymore with this beard shaving bib.

It fits around his neck like the typical aprons you wear to get your hair cut. But the ends suction to the mirror, so it catches all the hair, and makes disposal a cinch!

This comes with a free stainless steel beard shaping tool, a beard catcher mat, and a travel bag. No more hair all over the bathroom!

It’s also only $12.99! Find it here.

And finally, last but certainly not least……..

30. Full-Size Kegorator


Ladies, this is guaranteed to make him a happy man! What guy doesn’t want to be able to drink freshly poured draft beer in the comfort of his own home? What girl doesn’t want that either, for that matter?

This is especially great for fellas that like to homebrew. The specs are impressive: It has a 5.1 cubic foot capacity, a double meter regulator, a 2.5 pound CO2 tank, a removable drip tray, an adjustable thermostat, a double tap system and more!

This is the primo when it comes to men’s gifts. It’s great for enjoying a beer after work, or for hosting a party and serving some homebrew to all your friends. They will be impressed, and he will love it, I promise you that!

It’s totally worth the investment at $430! Buy it here.

So there you have it! Thirty of the best men’s gifts you can find for that special dude in your life.

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are all such fun and unique ideas! I never knew there were jerky clubs but now I know what to get my husband for his birthday this year. And that Viking drinking horn cracks me up!

  2. I love that decanter set! I’m sure my guy would love this also and it’s kinda like I’d be getting benefit from it also 🙂 I think this might be his Vday gift 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  3. Nice, good timing. ‘Cause I’m looking for a what to give to my guy friend. And it’s hard to look for a gift to a guy. I love the wallet with RFID blocking. Thanks for sharing the link too

  4. Oh my goodness my husband would LOVE the viking drinking horn. This is such a great guide and so in depth, thanks for sharing these fun ideas!

    1. I completely agree! Such a convenient gift. I tell you what, it’s always those not-so-romantic-but-super-useful gifts that get remembered!

  5. I am indeed very fond of gifting my husband wallets..but something with RFID security could definitely be a good option. I have to try it this time 🙂

    1. My guy got one a few months ago, which is where I got the idea. The money clip is super convenient, too. He doesn’t have to take forever trying to pull out or put back his money in the check out line anymore. And the RFID security makes him feel safe.

  6. Oh this is so helpful. My husband is so hard to buy for and this would be so awesome and helpful for me when I need to buy him some gifts!

  7. Men are so hard to buy for because of exactly what you mentioned. These are great suggestions, especially for the gamer, foodie, techie or beard enthusiast in your life. I find the best way to pick a gift for your guy is to pay attention to the things they like or to the things they need.

  8. My husband loves everything related to the X-Box, if I got him some games I know he will be happy! I found the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter and the wooden watch super original too, for s goo surprise!

  9. I started reading the post with the idea that the best gift you can offer to someone is a unique experience. And then I scroll to all the lovely ideas: Stadium Art Print, Bottle Loft, Sauce Kit, Globe Decanter, Viking Drinking Horn?? How come I never thought about these? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Reesa Lewandowski

    My husband’s birthday is coming up and I think he would like a lot of these gifts! They’re all so unique!

  11. If I show my better half, he’ll die for half of this list. I’m sure that he will love The Bottle loft and Viking Drinking Horn, awesome , I must say.

  12. You have awesome gift ideas here! I think the Sephora cologne sampler would be spectacular for my husband! Our daughters always gift him cologne for Christmas but this year they didn’t – what a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for daddy!

  13. This is such a fun list! I’m always stuck when it comes to knowing what gifts to buy for men so this was helpful. Now I have some birthday and holiday giving ideas.

  14. My husband and I have been together for years but I still find it difficult to find the perfect gift for him! I totally agree with you on that and this is such a lovely list! It covers pretty much any man’s interests.

    1. I know! When I was making this list I kept thinking, “I want this, and that, and those…” So many cool things for guys out there!

    1. That’s nice! Even if someone missed the mark a little bit on a gift, the fact they thought of me at all just makes me so appreciative!

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