$50 Outfit Challenge Sunday Church

$50 Outfit Challenge: Sunday Church

I announced a couple of weeks ago that I was doing a new project soon, and It’s finally time! 

I present to you the $50 Outfit Challenge!

What the heck is it?

The $50 Outfit Challenge is pretty much what it sounds like. I’ll be curating complete outfits in the $50 range (including tax and shipping).

My motivation? I’m glad you asked.

there have been many times throughout my life where I absolutely couldn’t swing spending more than $50 to $100 for an ENTIRE outfit. I’m not the only one. There are so many peeps that love fashion and want to have all the pretty things, but don’t necessarily have the financial ability to do so.

I want to change that. These challenges will help you to see that even with only a little money, you can build an entire outfit that’s wicked chic and wicked cheap.

Going into this project, there are two things that are uber important to me:

First, the outfits need to be be ones I would  really wear in my life, not just for an Instagram or blog post. Because I’ve seen challenges like this before, and I often end up thinking the end result looks cheap and tacky, and the person who created it would never wear it in real life. How does that help you guys? 

Second, I need to order the actual pieces so I can see them and try them on. I want to be able to touch  and smell the fabric (you’d be surprised at how many horrendously stinky fabrics there are), analyze the fit, check the quality of the accessories, and see the colors in real life. It’s easy to pick things out on a shopping site and create a  graphic with a cute outfit. But how do you know if the outfit will really work? 

Here are the challenge rules:


1. All pieces must be reasonably available/accessible to most of my followers for purchase. This means I can’t get items from thrift stores, consignment shops, or garage sales (do keep in mind that sometimes shopping sites vary their prices by size/color). The main goal here is that my followers can go out and buy the same or a very similar outfit if they want to.

2. The outfit must be complete, meaning you can function in the real world in it. For example, a beach outfit or a lounging around the house outfit may not need shoes, but almost every other ensemble will.

3. The total price of the entire outfit with all pieces must be in the $50s or lower, including tax/shipping. So the maximum I can spend on a full outfit is $59.99.

That’s it! And this is real life, so keep in mind that rules are always subject to change as the project develops and I/we  learn more.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s check out the debut outfit i picked to kick off the challenge.

This post contains affiliate links, so if you decide to purchase something through them, I will get a small commission. This doesn’t cost any extra for you. I always recommend what I already love or would buy  for myself, because life’s way too short for that kind of nonsense.

The Outfit: Sunday Church

Here it is! The perfect Sunday church outfit.

I chose to go with classic black and white stripes for church. You all KNOW I’m a sucker for stripes, so it isn’t surprising that this little number caught my eye. 

I decided to pair it with all nude accessories and here’s why: you often see nude accessories paired with very bright colored outfits. Or you see black and white outfits accessorized with very bright pops of color. But you don’t often see black and white styled with nude. 

I love the vibe it puts off: it feels simple, yet  elegant and reachable. it’s a great combo and I hope to see/wear more of it.

Good news: It was VERY windy when we were taking these pictures, and the skirt of the dress still remained modest. I never worried about it flying up and exposing my secret bits, and that’s important for church.

Now, here’s the breakdown of all the pieces, my reasoning, and their cost: 

The Breakdown

here’s how the ashes fell:

Dress: $9.99

Hat: $10.99

Purse: $10.50

Shoes: $12.99

Necklace: $3.97

Earrings: $9.99

Prices include tax and all shipping was free.

TOTAL COST: $58.43

I’ll go into a little more detail on each piece. You can also find links to shop each piece in their sections and at the very end of this post.

Cost: $9.99
Keeper or Bust? BUST

To be honest, these earrings seem a little cheaply made, and I’d probably have to get my jewelry stuff out and do a little strengthening of the hooks and rings.

I don’t know how I feel about the thread; it reminds me of the stuff graduation cap tassels are made of (yea, the ones you see hanging from every 23 year old’s mirror still), and I know those can easily fray. I’d probably like them a lot more if they were only $4.99.

See the little fuzzy bits in the bottom of the photo below? That’s from the earrings, so yes, I’m gonna say they will fray.

They’re pretty though, aren’t they?

Cost: $10.99
Keeper or Bust? KEEPER

This hat is just too good to pass up for the price. It’s  a nice felt-like material and it’s  decently made. There’s an elegant simplicity to it that you don’t often see  in bargain-priced hats.

Plus the color goes with everything. No joke.

Cost: $3.97
Keeper or Bust? KEEPER

This necklace is so farking pretty! it’s delicate and feminine while not overly religious or committal. Plus, the cross being sideways is unique and a little edgy without being disrespectful.

It also has some extra chain on the clasp to adjust the length, which makes it a little more versatile. for less than four bucks it’s a win.

Cost: $10.50
Keeper or Bust? KEEPER

This purse is hands down my favorite piece in the entire ensemble. It’s just SO PRETTY!  The detailing with the cutouts and gold foil stuff is gorgeous, and it’s not easy to find such  an inexpensive purse that still includes a gold chain strap.

If that weren’t enough, the envelope design is so classic, and you can put the chain inside and tuck the purse under your arm to use as a clutch. 

I can see this looking spectacular with SO MANY outfits!

Cost: $12.99
Keeper or Bust: BUST

These shoes are average in every way. They’re average looking, they have average comfort, they’re averagely made…

They seem like they’d get dirty REALLY fast, and also, if you stepped on a drop of water they’d dissolve immediately. 

Maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but the way I see it is, for $2.50-ish LESS, did you see the purse we were just discussing? Yea. I could’ve done better on the shoes.

Last, but certainly not least...

Cost: $9.99

This dress is perfect for church because the neck isn’t too revealing, the length is respectful, and the sleeves are long. it’s modest and at the same time flattering, a combo that isn’t always easy to come by.

Also, I’m pleased to show you that it’s not SUPER see through. only a little see through. I mean, if you’re standing over a spotlight….well….i just probably wouldn’t do that. fair warning.

The only thing that would stop me from keeping this is that I have a Guess dress that’s very similar. If I didn’t, this would stay in my closet for sure.

So what do you think? Would you wear this to church? How do you think I did with my $59.99 or less?

What other kinds of outfits would you like me to try for the $50 Outfit Challenge?

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