Gift Guide for Fashion Lovers

45 Fabulously Chic Gift Ideas for Fashionistas

What the heck kind of gift do you get for your fashion savvy bff’s?  Because it’s really hard to come up with good gift ideas for your fashionable friends.

It’s also flipping DAUNTING to try to pick out something fashion-related for somebody who has impeccable taste. Everything can just seem chincey, amiright?

So, I took some time to  compile this stellar list of gift ideas that will make your favorite fashionista squeal with delight! A lot of the items I’ve included are designer dupes. Speaking as a self-proclaimed fashion queen, a designer dupe is the next best thing to the actual designer piece. If my friend takes the time to find me a quality  dupe, I am BEYOND impressed, and your friends will be, too.

The best part? Everything on this list is under $60! Only 10 of the items are over $20, meaning the other 35 items are UNDER $20! Whoop whoop!!! Fantastic, fashionable, AND frugal!!! Triple Threat!

With these ideas, you’ll be labeled the gift-giving goddess for life by all of your fashion-forward gal pals. 

Let’s jump in!

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase via one of these links, I get a small commission (at no extra cost to you, of course!) However, I only recommend items I own, have tried, or would spend my own hard earned cash on, because I try really hard not to be a greedy a$$hole.



1. Small Cross body Purse in bright Black and Nude

Small Crossbody Purse Black and Nude Patent Leather

Shop Now

2. Fashion Bee Designer Dupe Purse in White

Fashion Bee Designer Dupe White Purse Chain Strap

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3. Cross Body Leather Purse with Circular Handle in Brown

Cross Body Leather Purse with Large Ring Handle Cognac

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4. Louis Vuitton Dupe Oversized Tote

Louis Vuitton Designer Dupe Oversized Tote with Wristlet

Shop Now

5. Burberry Plaid Designer Dupe Oversized Tote

Burberry Plaide Designer Dupe Oversized Tote

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6. Plaid and Pink Oversized Tote

Plaid and Pink Oversized Tote

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7. Classic Plaid Burberry Dupe Scarf

Classic Burberry Plaid Scarf Designer Dupe

Shop Now

8. Leopard Print Scarf

Leopard Print Scarf for Fall

Shop Now

9. Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf in Gray and Cream

Pashmina Wrap Scarf Blanket Grey Cream Gray

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10. Karl Lagerfield Quote Notebook

Karl Lagerfield Quote Journal

Shop Now

11. “I Am Fashion” Coco Chanel Notebook

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12. The Pantone Fashion Sketchpad

Pantone Color Fashion Sketchbook

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13. Customizable Letter Necklace Delicate Gold

Customize Initial Letter Necklace Delicate Gold

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14. Designer Dupe 2-tone Chunky Chain Link Necklace

Designer Duper Chunky Chain Link 2 Tone Necklace

Shop Now

15. Dainty 3-Layered Choker/Pendant Necklace

Dainty 3 layer Necklace Gold

Shop Now


16. Valentino Rockstud Heels Dupe

Valentino Rockstud Heel Designer Dupe

Shop Now

17. Leopard Print Ankle Boot/Bootie

Leopard Print Ankle Boot Bootie

Shop Now

18. Steve Madden Black Loafers/ Mules

Steve Madden Fauz Crocodile Skin Loafers Mules Black

Shop Now


19. Acrylic Resin Tortoise shell Wide Cuff

Acrylic Resin Tortoise Shell Bangle Cuff

Shop Now

20. Leather Wrap Bracelet in Beige with Pearls

Leather Wrap Bracelet with Pearls

Shop Now

21. Designer Dupe 2-Tone Chunky Chain Link Bracelet

Designer Dupe 2 Tone Chunky Chain Link Bracelet

Shop Now

22. Designer Dupe 2-Tone Cable Wire Bangle Cuff

Designer Dupe 2 Tone Cable Wire Cuff Bangle

Shop Now


23. Belt Buckle Fedora in Camel

Fedora with Belt Buckle Camel

Shop Now

24. Classic Panama Hat

Classic Panama Hat

Shop Now

25. Wide Brim Flat Top Black Fedora

Wide Brim Flat Top Black Fedora

Shop Now

26. Cable Knit Beanie in Gray with Faux Fur Pom

Cable Knit Beanie Winter Hat Faux Fur Pom Grey Gray

Shop Now

27. Houndstooth Stitch Beanie in White

White Beanie Soft Houndstooth

Shop Now

28. Leopard Print Beanie with Pom

Leopard Print beanie Winter Hat with Pom

Shop Now


29. Chunky Oval Dangle Earrings in Gold

Chunky Gold Dangle Earrings Oval

Shop Now

30. Boho Tassle Earrings in millennial Pink

Boho Tassel Earrings Pink Peach

Shop Now

31. Metal Triangle Dangle Earrings in Gold

Geometric Triangle Dangle Earrings Gold

Shop Now

32. Woven Rattan Earrings

Woven Rattan Earrings Oval

Shop Now


33. Twisted Velvet Headbands 4-Pack

Velvet braided Headbands 4 Pack

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34. Leopard Knot Headband

Leopard Knot Headband

Shop Now

35. Designer Dupe Fendi Print Headbands 3-Pack

Designer Dupe Fendi Headbands 3 Pack

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36. Oversized Square Modern Shades

Oversized Square Modern Sunglasses

Shop Now

37. Retro Cat Eye Tortoise Shell Shades

Retro Cat Eye Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Shop Now

38. Oversized Square Designer Dupe Flat Lens Shades

Oversized Designer Dupe Flat Black Sunglasses

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39. Designer Dupe 2-Tone Crisscross Ring

Designer Dupe 2 Tone Criss Cross Ring

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40. Link Cuff Ring in Gold

Link Cuff Chunky Ring Gold

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41. Mesh Crystal CZ Ring in Rose Gold

Mesh CZ Ring in Rose Gold

Shop Now

42. Black Glass Rectangular Gold Ring

Rectangle Black Gold Chunky Ring

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43. Designer Dupe Snake Buckle Snakeskin Belt

Designer Gucci Dupe Snake Buckle Snakeskin Belt

Shop Now

44. Gucci Dupe Double O Ring Belt Set in Black and Brown

2 Pack Gucci Dupe Brown Black Leather Belts

Shop Now

45. Leopard Faux Fur Belt with Alloy Buckle

Leopard Faux Fur Belt

Shop Now

There you are! 

If you get your fashionista pal any item on this list, you’re guaranteed to be the Christmas queen!

Which is your favorite?

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