The Best and Worst Fashion Trends We’ll See in 2020

There are a ton of interesting fashion  trends making their way into 2020. Some are carrying over from 2019, and some are all unique to 2020.

Here are my personal favorite fashion trends for 2020, followed by my Fashion DON’TS, and then of course I included a few items that can go either way. Here goes!

Best: Psychedelic Prints


Best: Padded Headbands

padded headbands

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Best: Colored Leather

leather fashion

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Best: Vests

fashion trend vests


Best: Classic Prints

Best: Chunky Chain Necklaces

chunky chain necklace

Best: Chunky Boots

chunky boots


Best: Crochet

crochet fashion

Best: Extra Wide Belts

Best: Tiered Dresses

tiered dress

Best: Faux Shearling, Sherpa, and fur


Best: Thrifted Fashion

Worst: Bucket Hats

Worst: Neons

Worst: Shoes Worn Over Pants

Worst: Bermuda Suits

Worst: Bra Tops

Best and worst: Puffy Sleeves

Best and worst: Hot Pants

Best and Worst: Oversized Everything

Best and Worst: Colored Feathers

There you have it! Some of the best and worst fashion trends for this year. What do you think? Which will you be incorporating into your closet and which will you be passing on?

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