The mistake that cut my pinterest views

If you’ve been blogging for more than say, five minutes, you’ve likely heard that Pinterest should be a huge part of your marketing strategy. A LOT of bloggers get the bulk of their traffic from Pinterest, including myself.

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Pinterest is amazing for helping you quickly get people to your blog. It’s especially exciting as a new blogger; you see those Pinterest numbers go up and you feel like you might be doing something right.

But what about when Pinterest decides to be a nincompoop? THEN what do you do?

This recently happened to me. But before I tell you about that, I want to explain briefly how I developed my Pinterest strategy.

Starting Out

When I  jumped on the Pinterest train, it changed everything about the way I blog. Not kidding, at that point I was excited to be getting 20-30 people a day to my blog. I was new, had NO CLUE what I was doing, and it showed.

So I did what we all do when we feel like dumb dumbs and want to NOT feel like dumb dumbs. I asked Google what to do.

After a TON of research, I tried out several free courses and spent a couple of bucks on a guide. I put the tips into practice and BOOM…..nothing changed.

Finally, I stumbled upon Pinteresting Strategies, a course created by blogger Carly Campbell. It was highly recommended by several bloggers that I look up to, and it was affordable. So I shelled out the little bit of cash, downloaded the book, and dived in.

I HIGHLY recommend taking the Pinteresting Strategies course. I love it SO much I became an affiliate, not to make money, but because I SO believe in it. There aren’t enough good things I can say about the course and its creator, Carly. She has a way of explaining things that really breaks them down into the simplest possible terms, without making you feel like a dumbass. The best part is, her strategies WORK. Check it out here.

That was probably the best decision I made in the first six months of having my blog.

This course is a GAMECHANGER. After completing it, I felt like I was now actually dating Pinterest, instead of hopelessly pining away for her from afar.

As I started implementing Carly’s strategies, my Pinterest began to grow FAST. What’s more, the numbers kept growing. So I kept doing what I’d learned. I’d get so excited to see my monthly Pinterest viewers go up by 5,000 each day!

Of course, now I know that monthly Pinterest views are just a vanity number, and what I really need to pay attention to is click-throughs to my blog. Still, it was so exciting to see growth! When I began this experiment, my Pinterest monthly viewers were at about 10,000. After only two months of trying the new tips I’d learned from Carly, my viewers were at 250,000! I couldn’t believe it.

Not a day went by in that whole two months that my Pinterest monthly viewers didn’t go up.

Until I hit that wonderful 250K.

Uh Oh, Trouble…

The day after I hit that momentous (at least for me) 250K milestone, I saw no growth. I wasn’t in a hurry to worry, but it was a little discouraging. Still, it’s only one day. But the day after that, my numbers were down to 248K. This trend continued, with my numbers slowly continuing to fall a little each day.

Why???!!! I hadn’t changed anything! I was doing the same thing as before, and even MORE so.

I tried changing the style of my pins. It didn’t work. Then I tested out different headlines, new keywords, better descriptions, anything I could think. Yet, the numbers kept falling.

When I was back down below 150K and falling, I just wanted to give up on Pinterest altogether. I’d been on such a high and for it to end like this was devastating.

Finally, I decided it was Carly’s fault. After all, it was HER strategies I was implementing. Right?

The Fix

I began to read back through the course to see where Carly had gone wrong. And guess what?  I figured it out.

Shocker! It WASN”T Carly’s fault.

One of the strategies I was implementing that seemed to work was to join group boards and pin frequently to them (I feel comfortable sharing this strategy because it’s one I’ve seen many times in other places since I took the course, so I don’t think it’s telling Carly’s secrets. But just so you know, it’s a lot more in depth in her course!).

I had joined around 200 group boards and was pinning to them regularly, which was one of the factors that contributed to my numbers increasing steadily.

So what was the issue that caused my dramatic downturn?

Well, Carly said to pin to relevant group boards. Yup, I missed that word. Relevant.

It’s SO IMPORTANT to make sure you are pinning to group boards that match the subject matter of your pin.

I’d joined several boards that were general blogger boards. The type of boards with names like Best Posts on Pinterest, or Blogger “Post-It” Board, or Awesome Blog Posts Group Board.

The problem with pinning to general group boards is that Pinterest can’t figure out exactly what your pin is about. You need to sort of help Pinterest along in understanding the value of your pin, what it’s about, and who it will help.

For example, here is a pin of mine:


Do you think it’s better for me to pin this to a board called Pin Everything Under the Sun, or a board called Money-Saving Tips? Obviously the second, right? Right.

I cannot overstate how much not following this rule can poorly affect your pin performance.

To prove it, I did an experiment.

I deleted over half of my group boards. Any board I contributed to that was somewhat general, I removed myself. Then I dug through my remaining group boards and made sure I wasn’t part of ANY board that I didn’t have at least one RELEVANT pin for. I also removed myself from any boards that didn’t have keyword-filled descriptions.

After that, I continued pinning as I had before, business as usual.

The next day, my monthly viewers didn’t go down! Keeping my fingers crossed, I checked first thing the morning after that, and they’d gone up 1,000! Then the following day the increase was by 5,000.

I’ve been steadily growing again since.

Better yet, the number of people clicking through to my blog has skyrocketed. And we all know THAT’S the number that matters.

So, if you can, take Carly’s course. I only mentioned one strategy I learned in this post, but she has so many! The best part is she goes step-by-step into how to implement her tips. I’m not kidding you, Pinteresting Strategies will change your life. But make sure you pay attention to the exact words and descriptions used. The details are important. If something stops working, go back through and make sure you are doing it correctly.

To sum up, only pin to group boards that you have a RELEVANT pin for. Otherwise, get rid of the board; it’s hurting you more than helping.

Btw, if you want to see some easy tips to help you become a more successful blogger, this article is great!

Happy blogging and pinning!


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4 thoughts on “This One HUGE Mistake Can Cut Your Pinterest Views in Half”

  1. This is my situation now! Ugh! I joined any group board that I could get my hands! After taking her course, I see how fatal that is! I get these little spikes that get me excited and then right back down again and I’m feeling hopeless! Now time to fix it! Great post!

    1. Amber, The OG

      You will be amazed at your results if you ditch the general boards and stick to only relevant ones. I had to learn the hard way, lol. I guess that’s life! So glad the information is helpful for you. Thank you for the comment!

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